Why a Tofino Vacation Rental

For those of you that may have heard of the Tofino area and for those of you that haven’t – you might be asking yourself “why would I want to stay in a Tofino Beach House?” or “why would I want to lease Chesterman House?”

The answer is simple: because it is a truly incredible place to spend a vacation.

Tofino has grown into an energetic town with lots of events taking place such as “Feast”, which takes place in May and June, and is a mouth-watering epicurean celebration. During the summer months, Tofino has a flea market where you will find all kinds of delightful knick-knacks, art pieces, and jewelry – something for the entire family.

Leasing Chesterman House means literally having the beach right outside your door. The surrounding area is mainly populated with homeowners and residents. The homes that you see, like Chesterman House, face the beach and their design is considered “contemporary West Coast,” meaning that the socio/economic level of the homeowners is of the upper level.

Lastly – and perhaps most importantly – at Chesterman House you will be able to rest and relax! This experience is what sets us apart from staying in resorts packed with strangers, having to wait in lineups for everything, and being subjected to resort schedules for meals and activities.

The Experience

In this area you will never see any broken down vehicles in people’s driveways, ugly yards, or trash in the streets. The few who rent their homes out ensure that the condition of their accommodation is top-notch: these rentals are immaculately maintained; all of their appliances not only work but are also relatively new, and the mattresses on the beds are clean and firm. The furnishings may be simple – and in some cases even rustic – but you will never come across broken chairs, cracked windows, or rusty stoves or refrigerators.