In 1792 the town of Tofino was named after Vicente Tofiño de San Miguel y Vanderiales, the Spanish admiral who taught Commander Galiano cartography. Galiano was the Spanish Commander who was sent once again by the Spanish throne to reclaim the area from the British. Today, this town is considered a resort community, with nearly 1,900 residents.

Chesterman Beach, the most popular and closest beach to Tofino, got its name from Englishman and visionary John Chesterman. He acquired land grants from the British crown in 1915, and, prior to that he had been a coxswain and a budding prospector for copper and gold. Today, Chesterman Beach is home to numerous Tofino Beach Rentals and is a popular destination in every season.

This most comfortable and elegant accommodation in Tofino BC has private access to Chesterman Beach. The house is a stunning, two-level west coast house built out of cedar. The open-beam ceiling, exquisite wood-work, large windows, spacious sundeck, and fireplaces are family-friendly and comfortably sleep six. The main amenities are the harbour, inlet, and ocean views.