What to Bring

Due to the fact that this Tofino accommodation has been equipped with just about everything, to ensure that your stay is a comfortable and pleasant one, there are very few things that we recommend that you may wish to bring along with you:

One of them is definitely your camera/video recorder. Due to the breath-taking views from the house we are certain that you will be taking a lot of pictures/videos to show your friends. The most popular area for photography around Chesterman House is Chesterman Beach. Since the house sits directly upon the beach and has its own private access, we have no doubt that your group will be going back and forth between the beach and your accommodation many times during the course of the day, evening, and yes – at night, too. Especially during low tides, when the water recedes beach-combing and strolls are very popular activities here.

You won’t want to forget your bathing suits so you can relax in the new hot-tub.

Something else which we recommend you bring along with you is a cooler. Although the local supermarket carries them, there is really no need for you to incur that extra expense if you have one already. Your cooler will come in handy when you go down to the beach, or if, as expected, you don’t feel like getting up from your chair while sitting on the 460 square-foot deck to go inside to the refrigerator for another cold one. You would not be the first – or the last – person in this situation. It’s easier if you bring a cooler with you.

Needless to say, you will also need to bring your own food which you may easily purchase, after settling in, in one of the local supermarkets. If you plan on cooking any special dishes while in your Tofino accommodation, which require special kitchen gadgets or seasonings, we recommend that you bring yours along. Such may include a blender, juicer and any special spices you cook with regularly. Also, a couple of good knives won’t hurt for cutting up food and skinning a fish fillet that you caught while at the beach.

Bring binoculars! Starry nights during the full moon cycle are stunning: the water is beautiful, and the lack of light pollution outside the city allows for incredible displays of the stars in our galaxy. During the day, you can watch whales, birds, and other wildlife — and maybe keep an eye on your kids while they play on the beach…

In the “Fun Department” there are fishing shops in town that also sell bait but, you may want to bring your own rods and “lucky baits” with you. Since Chesterman House is right on the beach you may want to bring some binoculars for star gazing at night, or to observe the different birds which abound in this area.   Also, if you are coming with children, you may want to bring some of their beach toys, kites, books, movies to watch before bed, etc. If you are into biking and your car has been outfitted to carry your bikes, we strongly encourage you to bring your bikes along. Otherwise there are bike and scooter rental shops in town. There are some truly stunning bike rides around Tofino and Chesterman Beach.